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What Loungewear Are You?

Whatsssss up guys! This post is all about the comfies. I don't think that is even a real word, but you know what I mean. I have a whole drawer filled with PJs, but I really tend to grab the same pair of sweat-shorts, sweatpants, or just cheeky underwear and an XL tshirt for when I am lounging around the house.

So which loungewear are you? The sexy lingerie style sleepwear, the matching sweatsuit type, or the biker short & tee look?

Here are some of my fav comfy looks:

The Sexy Comfy:

Both of these looks are from The Rya Collection. They have the dreamiest cover ups, gowns, robes, PJs and more.

The Matching Set Comfy: (in this case...Tie Dye sets)

I've been loving tie dye recently and apparently it holds true both in my everyday wear but also loungewear. The long sleeve set is Richer Poorer, they really have some of the comfiest & softest intimates. The other set was hand dyed by me! A full DIY look from head to toe using Rit Dye on a Hanes White Tee, Soffe shorts and old white socks. In both cases, the matching socks are a CRITICAL component to the completed look.

The Biker Short Comfy:

Biker shorts really are it, especially when chillin around the house. But they're also so fun to dress up and wear out-- a true versatile wardrobe staple at this point. How 2020. You know I love monochrome so I'll just leave these here. (Green biker shorts are Aritizia, blue biker shorts are Free People)



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