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Tie-Dye Is Back! So Do It Yourself

9 year old me couldn't be more THRILLED that tie-dye is back! And quarantine me was very happy about this trend making a come back too, it was the perfect DIY project to keep busy and switch things up.

It had been years since I had actually tie-dyed myself, throwing it way back to my camp days, so when Rit Dye reached out to ask if I was interested in collaborating on a Tie-Dye project, I was weirdly anxious to start. What colors do I pick? What method do I use? What clothes do I tie-dye? What if I mess it up? Will it be as fun as it used to be? The indecisive libra in me really shined through.

What I Decided On:

I used 2 different shades of green to do a monochromatic green tie-dye look. Are we surprised?

I used the "scrunch technique" that Rit Dye explains here

I dyed a two piece loungewear set- white Soffe shorts, a white Hanes tee and an old pair of white socks. Sounded cute and simple enough.

What You'll Need:

Dye, obviously ;)

Rubber bands

Squeeze bottles

Baking Rack

Something to catch the excess dye (a bucket, garbage bag laid out, etc)

After I gathered everything I would need and set up my little station, the first step is to scrunch and rubber band the garments:

Next, prep your squeeze bottles, prepare the dye! Rit Dye recommends 2 tsp dye + 2 cups of hot water:

Then, place the garments over a baking rack (with something underneath to catch the excess dye) and just go for it! Start applying the dye and make sure to get both sides, so flip half way through:

After the dye has soaked and sat for ~30 minutes, mix 2 tsp ColorStay Dye Fixative (to prevent bleeding) + 2 cups hot water in a squeeze bottle and apply liberally all over the garments.

Then, cover garments in plastic wrap and microwave for 2 minutes to set the dye. I know it sounds weird, but this is an important step! If there are any metal parts on your fabric, do not microwave!! Instead, let the garments sit in the sun for 30 minutes.

Once done and cooled, remove the plastic wrap and rinse garments in cold water to get rid of any excess dye to prevent bleeding.

Take the rubber bands off for the big reveal!! & finally, wash your garments in the washing machine with cold water and an old towel just incase any dye leaks.

I really love how it turned out, the color is so pretty and it completely re-vamped the look of the set. Plus it was such a fun day project and the best part is you can't really mess it up! So all you perfectionists out there, let your guard down and just go for it.



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