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I was wondering what my friends go-to quarantine 'fits look like, so I asked

I have lost all track of time, there are no days of the week anymore, and I think we're all ready for the world to be back up and running. During the past few weeks, I have wondered what everyone is really up to. Does anyone else wear shoes around the house to feel more productive? Is anyone still wearing jeans? Who is actually putting on an outfit in the morning?

I ended up asking my friends to send me a photo of their go-to quarantine outfit along with a personal quote of how they're managing these weird quarantimes. I geeked at the responses, cute-ed out by their faces and the idea that everyone is basically doing a version of the same thing. It's a comforting feeling realizing that you aren't the only one who is drinking wine every night and living in the same cozy sweatpants. I hope their responses make you feel a little less alone and maybe even give you some at-home outfit inspo. Shout out to my friends for participating, you guys all look real cute.

Photo: @laurenskertichh

"Stay connected with people. Your co-workers, your friends, your family. Whether it’s texts, calls, FaceTime, Zoom, however you decide to do it, make sure you are! Anytime I need a little break I’ll get outside and go for a walk and make sure to call someone to check in. Oh & make sure to have plenty of coffee throughout the day to help you with all of it!!!” - Lauren Skertich

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Photo: @ambriaelan

"I’m looking at this as a time to take it easy and look inward. I’m reading books that I love, baking new recipes, cooking homemade pasta with my family, taking lots of baths, playing guitar, and writing. I’ve been really inspired to write about the current situation." -Ambria Elàn

Photo: @liindsay_joness

"I’m trying to focus a lot on drinking multiple cups of tea a day because I’m normally a coffee fanatic during the week days but I love all my unique tea, I just never have time to steep or prepare it properly!" -Lindsay Jones

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Photo: @feldmoon

"Spending a lot of time on Twitch has really kept me entertained! There’s a great online community, even if it’s not physical :)" -Michael Feldman

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Photo: @oriannevarsha

“The only way I’m staying sane these days is by pretending I’m chef, having spontaneous solo dance parties, and binging love island” -Orianne Varsha


"Staying inside hits differently when it's mandatory, so I've been using this quarantine to not only work out for the first time in years but get back in touch with my creative side and start painting again." -Sylvie Rae

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Photo: @kira.kess

“Putting on makeup to feel like a human and endless to-do lists are keeping me motivated. There’s something so satisfying about checking those tasks off your list with pen and paper”

-Kira Kessler

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Photo: @nicoleagner

"I escaped to my grandparents’ beach house to quarantine with the fam so my go-to look is all about comfort and ease. Messy hair, no makeup, and my birks. Perfect for chillin, baking, and walking the beach - which are the only things keeping me sane right about now." -Nicole Agner

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Photo: @creatingnelly

"It doesn't feel like quarantine when you're asleep, so just stay in bed." -Jack Nelson

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Photo: @maduhline

"For me, keeping busy is sticking to a routine with scheduled movement: morning walks and afternoon yoga/workout! -Madeline Thune

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Photo: @jakestandley

"I’ve spent the last 3 weeks camped out in Pennsylvania with 5 friends from NYC. We’ve spent the time creating cooking competitions, getting really good at Rock Band & binge watching lost. We’ve started 2 failed startups. Really doing anything we can to stay active, involved & social"

-Jake Standley

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Photo: @jessie.m.holland

"I’ve always wanted to learn how to play an instrument so I’m teaching myself (with the help of YouTube) how to play the guitar. Aside from that I fill my time with long walks and lots and lots of cooking." -Jessie Holland

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Photo: @spencer_francis15 and iann_francis

“We're spending our days working from home, finding new music, and annoying our parents.”

-Spencer Francis and Ian Francis

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