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I love denim. Shop My 3 Favorite Pairs

Give me a cute shirt and I'll make it fit (yes even if its an XXL, actually I might prefer that). Or give me a pair of good jeans and I'll wear them for 10 days straight. I love denim and since I am always trying to be as comfortable as I am fashionable, I only wear clothes that I can move in, lounge in, eat in, etc. So I pride myself in finding the best jeans out there.

I actually used to HATE denim. I couldn't wear jeans to school for the first 17 years of my life because of the dress code so I didn't really get into jeans until college weirdly enough. Of course I owned a few pairs through out my childhood but since I couldn't wear them during the week days, I usually didn't grab for them on the weekends. And when I did, I remember I always hated how tight and stiff they felt compared to my other pants. Keep in mind that skinny low rise jeans used to be the big trend, so no wonder why I didn't love the fit and feel.

But honestly I've really never ever liked tight clothing. I don't love how I look in tight clothes, I don't like how it makes me feel or how it limits so many of my movements. So thank god skinny jeans have taken a back seat the past few years and have made room for boyfriend jeans, straight leg and bootcut styles.

For the past 4 months or so, I have basically been living in a rotation of 3 different pair of jeans. Even in quarantine I still wear jeans almost everyday. I have found a few pairs of sweatpants in my boyfriends closet that I've been loving but even if I am just lounging around for the day, waking up and putting on jeans makes me feel me. And it makes me feel cute! By now you have probably seen these jeans all over my Instagram because I live in them, but they deserve their own blog post plus now you can shop the looks if you've been curious.

My #1 Go To Pair, Easily My Most Worn Pair, and Maybe My Most Versatile Pair:

Levi's Ribcage Straight Ankle Women's Jeans $98

Levi's has always been one of my go to denim brands as I'm sure it is for many of you as well.

So affordable, so comfortable, and so well made, I don't think you can have too many pairs of Levi's. My favorite things about this particular pair:

1. The color. Could it be the perfect wash?

2. They almost look vintage or like I thrifted them

3. The button closure! Buttons > Zipper

4. The high waisted fit. They hit right at my belly button and they make my booty look g-r-eat.

5. The price! Under $100 for such quality and cuteness...count me in

My Most Colorful Pair and Definitely My Most Complimented Pair:

AGOLDE 90's Mid Rise Loose Fit in Matcha $178

Ok first things first, they no longer carry these jeans in this matcha color. HOWEVER there are 15 other colors you can pick from and if you're looking for a fun color like these, they have added a new 'limoncello' zesty yellow wash that is perfect for summer. Agolde quickly become one of my favorite denim brands ever since I tried on a few pairs at a small boutique in Boise a year or so ago and I'll definitely be shopping more of their jeans when its time for a denim refresh.

Why I love these jeans:

1. They're matcha colored!!! So fun so bright so unique so flirty need I say MORE

2. Almost an oversized feel but with a perfectly tapered leg

3. Endless styling options- monochrome, color blocking, etc.

The Pair I've Been Dreaming Of and My Softest Pair:

French Connection Yoshie Two Tone High Waist Boyfriend Jeans $138

Thank you thank you thank you French Connection for blessing my closet with these jeans. This pair is the perfect edge my denim collection needed and the two tone is just subtle enough that you can really wear these with anything. So comfortable and so stylish, I really love these jeans and they're so easily dressed up or down. Reasons why these made it in my top 3:

1. The contrasting wash panels! Just so cool

2. The back pocket(s) omg

3. My softest pair of jeans, so buttery.

4. This relaxed/oversize fit is so fun to style

I am honestly surprised I can write this list with actual shoppable jeans because up until this point, my favorite jeans are usually thrifted gems that I've collected over the years. Obviously thrift stores have been closed for the past few months so if you're looking for some retail therapy, shop online for those jeans. Your closet will thank you.

If you're curious what some of my favorite thrifted pants look like:



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