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Homemade Baileys Irish Cream Recipe

Happppyyy holidays you little eggs!

Today I am sharing a family recipe that we make every year for the holidays- homemade Baileys!! So yum. Obviously you can drink Baileys year round if you want but it's totally a seasonal drink for us so I extra enjoy it when the holidays roll around- it's such a treat! Like it's practically dessert.

You can add it in with your hot chocolate or your coffee or just have it plain over ice as a drink of its own (that's usually how I roll):

This year I made a bunchhh of Baileys- I actually 'sextupled' the recipe (I just had to look that up lol) but I made a huge batch so I could gift it to friends here in LA before heading back to Wisconsin for Christmas. I ended up gifting people 2 bottles with the intention to pass one on. I told everyone to keep one for themselves and gift the second bottle to someone else in their life- I thought it was a cute way to spread the holiday cheer and love this year :)

It's also the perfect thing to bring to holiday parties (which I know aren't really happening this year)-- but it makes such a good party favor or gift for the host.

I spiced up the bottles with some festive tule and a cute 'Merry Christmas' label to make it feel like more of a gift- we love a cutie presentation :)

The recipe is below! It will make ~8 cups so plan accordingly depending on how many people you're making it for or plan on serving. I used Brandy because it's a bit sweeter than Whiskey, but that's totally your choice- either work!





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