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8 Random Things I Have Been Shopping For Over The Last Week

We've all been stuck at home now for the past few weeks and as I'm sure you can relate, it has completely changed my lifestyle, priorities, and perspectives. It's cool how quickly humans can adapt to new circumstances and weirdly enough, this is somehow starting to feel like the new normal. Before this pandemic, I was shopping for new spring and summer items: new sandals, sunglasses, swimsuits, etc. Sadly, that list has taken a back seat for the time being. While we all hope to return to our normal lives again soon, I wanted to share a few random things that I have been shopping for to make these uncertain times a little more comfortable. Below you'll find a handful of beauty and wellness products, exercise equipment, and home goods that have somehow found their ways into my quarantine-life.

Resistance Bands

Both of my usual work out studios, Orange Theory and Hot8Yoga, are offering virtual at-home workouts so these resistance bands have been the perfect purchase and adds an extra challenge during class. I've also been loving this 30 Minute Butt and Thighs Mini Band Burnout workout.

Hair Towel

This is one of those things that I should have bought years ago but for whatever reason, it took me until now to purchase. And under $10! I can thank the hair queen @thegirlhabit for being the reason I finally decided to buy, check her out on IG for more hair/beauty tips.

Reese's Eggs

Do we even need an explanation? Easter might be cancelled but that doesn't mean I'm missing out on the seasonal candy that comes with it, especially not Reese's eggs. SO good.

Lip Liner

This is my go to. I have probably lost 5 of these over the years because I literally bring this pencil with me everywhere. I am not wearing much make-up during quarantine, but if I want to spice it up I'll curl my eyelashes and put this lip liner on. Voilà

Milk Frother

Okay SO I haven't purchased this yet but it is high on my list. I make chai tea and matcha lattes almost everyday and have just been using the stovetop, so I think investing in a milk frother is next on the list.

Nut Milk Bag

I am just starting to get into making my own almond, cashew, rice and oat milk! Instead of using a small strainer, I am going to try out these nut milk bags. Other uses for these are homemade yogurt and fresh juice, plus I love that it's reusable/washable.

Anti-Wrinkle Face Oil

One of my favorite products that is apart of my daily skin care routine- I actually just bought my third bottle. A few drops go a long way, it dries really quickly, and makes for a plump face in the morning. Gentle and effective, this is my one of my favorite products.


Currently one of my favorite seasonings! My quarantine drink has been a Michelada with Golden Road Mango Cart, Michelada Mix, Lime, and Tajin on the rim. Besides Micheladas, Margaritas and Bloody Marys, Tajín is also delicious sprinkled over fresh fruits and vegetables or even on your popcorn. Try on watermelon, mango and cucumbers!

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