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6 of My Favorite Sustainable Brands

Wowie it's been so long- hi! It feels so good to be blogging!

Things have been crazy busy (which is good!) but between my million hobbies, work, everyday life etc., I've totally neglected my blog the past few months. sowwy. I hope everyone's having a great start to 2021- can you believe we're six weeks in already? weird. One of my new years resolutions was to get on a regular blogging schedule & clearly that isn't going well...but hi :)

A very overdue post, one that you guys have asked for + something that I'm very passionate about, I bring to you, my favorite sustainable brands!

Practicing a sustainable lifestyle is something that has been important to me for a few years now & is a constant work in progress. There is so much to learn and I really go by the "progress not perfection" motto. It is something that I work towards and am aware of on a daily basis from what I eat, to the brands I support & where I am putting my dollar. Being conscious and thoughtful when you're shopping is the first step! No one is perfect, but small changes can make a big impact. Shop smart when you can :)

There are so many amazing brands that care about the future of our planet, ethical production, eco conscious practices, clean ingredients, etc. And there's more popping up everyday which is so good!!! In this blog post, I chose to call out my top six. The brands listed below have become staples in my wardrobe & in my household, one's that I maybe couldn't live without. Maybe that's dramatic but, you'll see my enthusiasm as you keep reading. Since there are so many more brands to highlight than just the ones below, this might end up being Part 1 of a bigger 'Fav Sustainable Brands' series. Anyways, these are my favs at the moment:

Thousand Fell

Did you know that 97% of all shoes end up a landfill and that it takes 40 years for leather shoes to decompose? Kinda so gross if you think about it. If you follow me on IG, you know that I love Thousand Fell! Their shoes are sustainably sourced, 100% leather-less and are made with other natural ingredients like aloe, sugar cane, and palm leaves. Since they're recyclable, that means no more landfill! When you're done with your @thousand_fell sneakers, you can send them back and the materials will be broken down & used to make a new pair. Plus they're simple chic and crazy comfy, a win win! Check out their complete sustainability practices HERE


Lacausa Pants
Lacausa Tee

From comfy trousers to breezy tees to dreamy dresses, I promise you'll find something you love at Lacausa. Think flower child meets classy chic. @lacausaclothing is based and produced locally in LA, which is one reason for their brand name-- LA, CA, USA.. get it? (I was shook when I first realized that) & even cooler, La Causa in Spanish means "The Cause" - an ode to their dedication for ethical + sustainable practices. Check out their 'Cause' HERE. I seriously adore this brand.

Girlfriend Collective

I rarely ever take pictures of myself in leggings or activewear, so these pictures from their IG will do but one of my favorite workout sets is from @girlfriend! If you haven't heard of this brand already, now's the time to go check them out- ethical activewear made from recycled water bottles, fish nets, recovered ocean plastic, and more. They're so transparent about their practices (you can read all about it HERE) & they offer inclusive sizing from XXS to 6XL!! A round of applause. I have a legging, sports bra + scrunchie matching set of theirs that's freaking SO cute & I love their Please Recycle socks - your sock game is important!

Switching gears....


This fridge is GOALS omg no plastic whatsoever & the COLORS. I didn't know I needed a fridge mood board until now, obsessed. I got my first @stasherbag 's for Christmas 2 years ago and they quickly became kitchen staples! I'm telling you it becomes so satisfying to reuse things you'd typically just throw away & you'll start to become super turned off by single use plastic. I really only use my Stasher bags for kitchen leftovers but I've seen people use them to hold their makeup/products/hair accessories when traveling which is so smart because they seal tight. Get yourself some Stashers & stop using single use plastic baggies!


Okay now ya'll....these are my favorite things I cannot say enough!! If you want to keep your veggies crisp and crunchy without creating plastic waste then GO NO FURTHER. These organic cotton bags kinda feel like magic because your veggies will stay fresh for literally WEEKS. I'm typing in caps to convey my passion because I'm really that hype on these. Vejibag says, "Just like cut flowers, vegetables need water to stay vibrant. The key to keeping veggies crisp is moisture." So really we've been doing it wrong this whole time but basically you wet the bag, wring it out so it is damp, wash your veggies & store them in the bag in your fridge! You can read more about these magic bags HERE but stop storing your veggies in plastic & make them last longer with @vejibag


Stojo is on a mission to end disposable culture & their reusable cups, bottles and bowls are perfect for when you're on the go- take that matcha, smoothie, or beer anywhere your heart desires! Instead of using a to-go cup and throwing it out, Stojo products are ultra-portable (they collapse down), leak proof, and obviously- reusable. They come in all sorts of fun colors too (I have their bottle in yellow and a mug in purple) which is always a plus because we love cute things :) Learn more HERE

That's all for now! If you've made it this far, a big squeeze.




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