If you've followed me on Instagram for any time at all, you know I am obsessed with this brand. Golde is a Brooklyn-born, black owned, female owned beauty and wellness brand who believes that products should look good, taste good, and help you feel like your best self. I am obsessed with their matcha (it's the only matcha I drink) and I also love their green face mask. Make sure to check them out on Instagram @golde I looove love love them. 

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Pseudo labs

My favorite new beauty trick- faux freckles!! I'm obsessed. I've never had freckles on my face, only a few beauty marks, and I LOVE how these look! Seriously such fun thing to play with when you're getting ready for a night out. The packaging is so premium & the application is so fun- you literally flick the freckles onto your face with a little pick they send you! Genius. So flirty so fun, seriously it's my favorite part of my makeup routine now. @psuedolabs

Outdoor Voices

I am so so excited to be working with Outdoor Voices! If you want to feel confident while you're out #DoingThings, get your hands on some Outdoor Voices! Sweat and look cool at the same time in OV, I promise you can do both in their pieces. Plus they're sustainable! A win win. One of my favorite athleisure brands- go check them out! @outdoorvoices

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JENny bird

One of my favorite jewelry brands!! I recently discovered Jenny Bird as a Fashion blogger and I already have 10+ pieces of theirs that I love. I am so lazy with my jewelry (I hate taking it off before the shower, before the beach, before bed etc) so investing in quality pieces is a must for me. They have a mix of styles from contemporary essentials to modern statement pieces and everything is so well made & v cute! Go check them out @_jennybird

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The best tasting (and cutest branding) CBD beverage out there! I first tried Recess a few years ago at a Mad Happy pop up and fell in love <3 So pumped to have a code now!


"Recess creates products and experiences designed to help people feel balanced, centered and inspired so they can be their most productive and creative selves — despite an increasingly stressful world" @takearecess

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One of my favorite underwear brands! Parade is re-writing the underwear story by empowering womxn of all shapes and sizes to embrace their bodies and encouraging self-expression. They make some of the most comfortable, seamless and smooth underwear in the CUTEST colors. My underwear drawer is so cute and colorful thanks to them :) If you aren't familiar with this brand, make sure to check them out @parade ! 

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